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Where is it easy and difficult to study in the US?

Every problem has two sides, so in general, studying in the US is easy or difficult depending on which aspect you choose to evaluate. In this article, Hotcourses Vietnam will analyze some easy and difficult things when you choose to study in the US.

Easy in style

American culture is quite liberal and liberal, so in general you can freely express your personality not only in the school environment but also in life. Specifically, you are allowed to choose to wear whatever clothes you like to go to school, of course, you should still make sure it’s not too offensive that no one has the right to protest. You are free to have any hairstyle you want without being bound by the concept of “masculine” or “feminine”. For some agreeable instructors, you can even address them by first name, which is reserved for close relationships only. In love affairs, you are also free to choose to establish a relationship with anyone you have feelings for, even if it’s a same-sex person, and still protected by US law. The fact that you can live and study in an open and comfortable environment like the US will help you reach your full potential.

Difficult to score

Being admitted to a university in the US is inherently not easy, so it is certainly not easy to graduate successfully and on time. Universities in the US always uphold honesty in teaching and learning activities, so they never accept cheating in exams in general, such as plagiarism in essays. If you are found to have cheated, you may be suspended for a semester, and if you are found to be cheating, you may be forced to drop out of school and return to your home country. As another example, American universities also respect deadlines, so no matter how much you beg, if you submit late, you will have to be rejected. In short, in order to achieve high scores in American universities, you only have to try to study day and night seriously.

Easy to find the desired major

The simple reason is because any major, no matter how rare, has a formal training program in the US. Whether you want to study a popular major like Business Administration or a brand new one like Artificial Intelligence, the US still has a university that is licensed by the government to open a teaching course. If you feel you have chosen the wrong major, the US education system still allows you to change majors as you wish. The difficulty is that you may not know what your passion is to choose a major, but once you have a clear goal, the United States certainly has a place to train in the field you want to pursue.

Hard to get a scholarship

Studying in the US is quite expensive, so it is reasonable for you to plan to study abroad under a scholarship to save costs. However, because the US is a popular study abroad destination, the number of applicants for scholarship programs whether private or government is large. So you need to prepare mentally to compete with countless other bright candidates in the difficult and challenging journey of “hunting” for scholarships.

It is easy to choose a study program that suits your needs and ability

American education is for everyone, so if you feel you are not suitable for a Bachelor’s program, you can still choose to study English in the summer to experience; study the preparatory system for 1 year before taking the regular 4-year course; Take a two-year program at a community college or study in a co-op program. Depending on the program of study, the degree you receive will be different such as degree, diploma or certificate. If you find it difficult to choose the right school or program, you can contact the IDP center to schedule a free consultation with experienced specialists.

It is difficult to stay and work for a long time after graduation

In fact, the US government has a policy that allows international students to stay and look for work, but there are certain deadlines and opportunities are not for everyone. If the program requires you to participate in a mandatory internship, it is easy because the university is sponsored in many ways. In case you personally want to try to find opportunities in the US labor market, you will have to take care of everything alone.

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