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Studying in aviation in Canada: conquering the sky not far away

Studying aviation in Canada is the dream of many people. To improve their capacity and increase their professional competitiveness. So what’s so attractive about studying aviation in Canada and how much does it cost to study? Let’s study abroad with Edutime to find out through the following article!

Working in the aviation industry as a pilot or a flight attendant is not easy. Because people who work in this industry have good looks. Again, there are good career opportunities, very high salaries, many places to travel, good benefits.

To work in the aviation industry in our country. It is also a huge difficulty that not everyone can do.

1, Introduction to aviation studies in Canada

When it comes to the aviation industry, most people think that. The job only includes being a pilot and a flight attendant. However, if you study aviation in Canada, you can also do other occupations such as:

  • Aircraft maintenance engineer
  • Electronic system control
  • Mechanic
  • Flight training profession
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Airline Check-in Officer
  • Load balancing staff…

If currently in the country, there are almost no schools specializing in aviation. The training programs of Vietnam Aviation Academy are mainly:

  • Flight attendant
  • Fleet management
  • Aeronautical engineer.

Then study in Canada, the aviation training program is extremely developed. You can study all professions with an aviation program in Canada.

Most schools have practical facilities for you to practice and experience career skills. There are schools that have both airports and private planes for you to practice in real conditions.

Reference tuition fees for studying aviation in Canada

  • Pre-university: 18,000 – 25,000 CAD/year
  • College: 22,000 – 30,000 CAD/year
  • University: 25,000 – 40,000 CAD/year
  • Graduate: 30,000 CAD/year

2, Why should you study aviation in Canada?

The developed economy, the most developed aviation system in the world

Canada has the 10th largest economy in the world. The service economy is also very developed, accounting for a quarter of Canada’s economy. Canada also owns the largest airline and airport system in the world.

International students who graduate from aviation in Canada will have the opportunity to work. Not only in the country but also have the opportunity to compete abroad with other international students.

Study aviation in Canada with the top degree in the world

If you are interested in academically-heavy programs. Canadian education also ranks very high in the world.

Some Canadian universities even compete for rankings in world rankings. Compete with top schools in the UK and USA.

For the field of aviation, depending on the nature of the job later when choosing a career. You can choose between a bachelor’s degree or a college degree. The aviation industry has a wide selection of subjects, degrees and certificates for you to choose from in Canada.

Studying in aviation in Canada is affordable and economical

Even in Vietnam, the income level of people working in the aviation industry is very high. So the cost to study aviation in Canada is considered to be about ⅓ cheaper than the UK, Australia or the US.

With reasonable study costs, moderate living costs, wide employment and settlement opportunities. Studying and working in the aviation industry in Canada is the choice of many people who want to conquer the dream of the sky.

Studying aviation in Canada has high job opportunities

As mentioned above, Canada’s service industry makes up a quarter of the economy. The second largest country in the world offers many opportunities for international students. In all fields of study, including aviation.

Canada has a total of 15 major international airports. And almost every province has private or public airports. To serve domestic flights, military airports.

In addition to job opportunities in Canada with a very high degree in aviation. You can also find job opportunities in any country easily with a relatively high income.

What can you do to study aviation in Canada?

Flight attendant


Aeronautical Engineer

Air Traffic Controller

Aircraft maintenance technician

Technician – maintain network system

And many other professions.

Opportunity to settle down when studying aviation in Canada

Canada is famous for its program to attract skilled workers for many years. By 2022, the goal of attracting immigrants is up to 90,000 workers.

In addition, Canada is very short of human resources in the fields of aeronautical and space engineering. So the chances of settling down in these fields of study are relatively high.

After graduating from programs in Canada. You have the opportunity to stay for 2-3 years to look for jobs and settlement opportunities.

This is one of the advantages that has made the aviation industry in Canada attract many Vietnamese students recently.

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