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Study in the US 2021: Conditions & costs and things to know when studying in the US

Necessary Conditions to Study Abroad in America

To be able to fulfill the dream of studying abroad in the US, the students must at least meet the study conditions set by your country.

Below are the US study conditions that students need to meet before making their dreams of studying abroad

There are offers of I-20 admission from US schools

To be able to receive invitations from American schools, you must meet the individual admission criteria for each school.

In the US, each school has its own admission policy and standards. Normally, to be able to apply for international students students must graduate from high school (12 years) or more.

In order to continue with graduate studies, students must graduate from a bachelor’s degree. These students must score well above, especially in specialized subjects.

For master’s programs such as MBA MBA, experience in relevant fields will be a great advantage.

Prove your financial ability while studying in the US

The first condition to study in the US is that you need to have a detailed plan for the entire study process while studying in the US such as tuition fees, living expenses, books, travel, accommodation. In addition, the cost of living in different regions is also different. In general, the actual average cost for a year in college is $ 20,000 – $ 30,000. This total annual cost is expected to increase to about 5%.

We also have a post to share experience on this issue, you can refer to the cost needed to study in the US.

Obtain the necessary certificates in English

It can be said that English proficiency is an important factor in the conditions of studying abroad in the US, because in addition to daily communication, English proficiency must be enough to be able to participate in class, read books, understand the teachers’ sermons and take exams.

The best way to assess your level is to take the English for Foreigners (TOEFL) exam at least 1 year before you intend to study. Most universities require a scale from 500 to 550. For graduate programs, the score is usually from 550 to 600.

There are many universities in the US that recognize IELTS scores, you need an IELTS score of 6.0 for college study and IELTS 6.5 to study for a master’s degree.

In addition, depending on the requirements of each school and each course, students may have to meet SAT, GRE, GMAT scores.

Complete the required school exams

These exams are usually part of the school’s admissions standards.

– GRE: Graduate Record Examination General Test (GRE General Test) GRE test scores are required by graduate programs, not business. This test consists of 3 parts: Math, reading comprehension and logic analysis. This test score is especially important if you are planning to apply for a scholarship.

– GRE: Graduate Record Examination Subject Test Only a few graduate programs require students to take this test and usually only in the student’s major major. The test is available for 16 different disciplines.

– SAT I: Reasoning test Many US universities require this test score for both American and international students. This test includes math and reading comprehension sections.

– SAT II: Subject Test Students can choose 1, 2 or 3 subjects in 20 different subjects. Only a few universities require foreign students to take this test.

– TOEFL (Test English As a Foreign Language): a compulsory English test for students whose first language is not English, applicable to both undergraduate and graduate students. The test applies to all skills: listening, grammar, reading comprehension, writing and vocabulary.

– GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test. Most masters or doctoral programs in economics require this test score for both American and international students. This test tests reading comprehension, math and analysis, and reasoning.

Eligible to apply for a student visa in the US

– Age from 14-34 years old

– Learning from average high or higher
– Have a continuous learning or working process
– Have a minimum bank account of 25,000 USD
– Prove the family’s source of income (the sponsor)

Cost of Studying in America

Studying in the US is a trend that many students and students are aiming for. Studying in a modern and developed country like the US will bring you the richest, deepest and most comprehensive knowledge base. However, tuition fees as well as living expenses in the US are quite expensive, so you should anticipate the necessary amounts in advance to be more proactive with the successful US study abroad journey …

1. Study costs

This is a fixed cost in the cost of studying in the US, students need to pay the school to maintain their studies. However, depending on the different schools, the tuition rates are different.

The cost of studying in the US usually fluctuates as follows:

– A two-year public college: 12,000 – 20,000 USD / year

– Four-year public universities: 25,000 – 35,000 USD / year
– Four-year private college / university: 30,000 – 50,000 USD / year
– Postgraduate system: 15,000 – 40,000 USD / year.

The cost of studying in retraining systems depends on the program of study:

– Training bachelor: tuition fees from 4,000 – 10,000 USD / year

– Master training: tuition fees from 25,000 – 40,000 USD / year
– Doctoral training: tuition fees range from 32,000 – 45,000 USD / year

2. Average cost of living in the US

The cost of living in the US includes accommodation, travel, meals and surcharges such as Internet, telephone costs … Living costs are always considered the most expensive in European countries and account for large cost of studying in the US.

The cost of housing in the US depends on the type of accommodation you choose to live in a dormitory or choose to rent outside. If you stay in a dormitory, the cost will be lower than an outside hostel. The cost of living in a dormitory will be from $ 7,000 – $ 8000 / year, outside costs range from $ 9,000 – $ 15,000 / year. So, you can choose the types of housing that suit your financial ability. However, if you want to live in a dormitory, you need to apply early as the schools cannot accommodate all students on campus.

The cost of food in the US depending on the different regions has different costs. However, the cost in the US is quite expensive, so you should try to take advantage of the time to cook at home to save money.

3. Vehicles

Each state in America has its own public transportation system, with different fees. Usually the campuses are located far from the city center, so you will have to use these vehicles every day. Here are some comparisons of average travel costs.

– City Pass for students, for one semester, in Philadelphia: US $ 327.60

30-day Student Pass in Utah: US $ 62.75

Train, bus or tram ticket in Utah: US $ 2.50

Unlimited Subway Pass (Unlimited Ride MetroCard) per month in New York (with student discount): US $ 56

Metro or bus for one way in New York: US $ 2.50.

Most of the American international students do not have their own means of transportation but have to use public transport such as buses, subways, trains … travel costs are about $ 200 – $ 300 / month.

4. Other costs incurred

In addition to the cost of studying in the US for 1 year above, every year will not change much, but you all know that in studying and in life, you can encounter some unexpected events happening and losing. money such as: hospitalization sickness, accident … so you need to prepare yourself a backup amount of at least $ 1,000 per year.

5. The most economical self-sufficient US study solution Select the appropriate state school

You can not choose for yourself a reputable American study abroad school with expensive tuition fees while financial conditions are not enough. The best advice is that you should choose the school with the appropriate fee to reduce, save costs effectively. Some schools located in the Midwest as North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado … you can refer.

The system of public schools is divided into 3 ranks, namely:

– The first place is the core schools, usually only one or two schools in this top state.

– Second place is the top of the best schools, usually each state has 5-10 schools.
– Third place is the system of community colleges with lower tuition fees, about 7,000 USD / year.

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